Admission requirements

Regardless of your previous academic studies (whether a high school diploma or A-level qualification in any subject) any student may apply to the Moda Domani Institute.

Since higher education differs greatly from secondary education, the purpose of the admissions process is not necessarily to choose those students who have obtained the highest average in their school leaving qualification. First and foremost, we evaluate the candidates general culture, as well as their level of English. We seek to determine the applicants’ motivation through an interview and their areas of interests, or passion, through a questionnaire about the worlds of luxury, fashion and design.

The admission process takes place during the final year of high school and it consists of a simple procedure which evaluates the candidates’ knowledge, motivation and their understanding of the professional world of luxury, fashion and the design business. The EPM process – “Evaluation – Potential – Motivation” – is divided into two parts. The evaluation consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire on three subjects: general culture, specific knowledge related to the luxury, fashion and design sectors, and English. Each topic is marked out of 4 points for a total of 12 points.

The evaluation of potential and motivation takes the form of an interview with a school representative. This interview is marked out of 8 points. In order to be admitted to the Moda Domani Institute a student must obtain at least a total of 10 points.